CHANDLER, Ariz. - Authorities in three states are comparing notes to see if the same man has been burglarizing mosques in Alabama, Virginia and Arizona.

The man was caught on security camera breaking into three mosques in Alabama and another in Virginia in the last month.

The photos were so clear, reporters for the Anniston Star in Anniston, Alabama started to check for other photos and cases that could match.

Reporter Kristen Fiscus and her partner discovered a case of a man breaking into mosques in Maricopa and Chandler.

"He showed it to me and said does this look like the same guy?" Fiscus said. "We looked at it and were like, 'this has to be the same guy.'"

Fiscus sent the photos to Chandler Police and the detective in charge of the case. She said the detective called back, saying he thought they were of the same suspect.

A spokesman for Chandler Police and Maricopa Police said the agencies are cooperating with Alabama and Virginia authorities to compare notes and pictures.

A spokesman for the FBI in Alabama told the Anniston Star it was looking at the case as well and consulting with other field offices.

The FBI in Phoenix declined to comment.