PHOENIX - In case you haven’t heard, Thursday is National French Fry Day.

It’s a time to put aside our petty differences for a day and argue about what really matters: Who has the best french fries in Phoenix?

We asked people for their favorite fry recommendations on Facebook, and here’s how they responded.

In-N-Out fries were mentioned frequently, each time kicking off a heated debate about whether the often-hyped burger chain is overrated.

Commenters also kept bringing up McDonald’s fries, but as we all know, those salty golden addiction sticks have a brief time limit once they're out of the fryer.

If you’re looking for some fries with a less contentious reputation, you might want to pay a visit to The Stand.

The Stand’s fries were mentioned multiple times, each comment heaping praise on the restaurant’s food and service.

Some other honorable mentions included Five Guys Cajun fries and Red Robin steak fries.

One thing is for sure: All fries are not created equal.

Do you consider yourself a true fry connoisseur? Weigh in on the debate on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #BeOn12.