While many will be heading out to enjoy Oktoberfest at various locations in the Valley, there's only place that will be partnering up to help pups.

"This is the first time we're hosting our Oktoberfest with AAWL (Arizona Animal Welfare League) because we are all about the dogs here at O.H.S.O and we thought it would be a perfect pairing to do Oktoberfest with our dogs," said Madison Thompson, the events coordinator for O.H.S.O. Brewery and Distillery in Scottsdale.

Some of the pups that stay at AAWL now, are up for adoption and will benefit from this event, including Scooter and Pooter.

"Some go through medical cases, some just come on tough situations and are surrender by their owners," said Michael Morefield, the director of marketing for Arizona Animal Welfare League.

O.H.S.O is the only location that will be giving all its proceeds to AAWL from their Oktoberfest happening Thursday at 5 p.m.

You can also grab their custom Puppy Kisses Pumpkin Porter, which represents the partnership between AAWL and O.H.S.O.

Since Scooter and Pooter are just too adorable together, AAWL suggests that if anyone is interested in either of them, they must go to a forever home together.