PHOENIX - Does it sometimes feel like you need to have luck on your side to find a good meal? Luck may have been on your side since 1951, but you just have to find it.

If you’re a Phoenix native, you surely have heard of Lucky Boy on 16th Street and Osborn Road. If not, well today is your lucky day.

In an attempt to stop my 5-year-old from screaming, I made a quick pit stop for a shake at a little shop that had a scent that I hadn’t discovered since moving to Phoenix in 1998. Once inside, deliciousness slapped me in the face, sat me down and warned me of what I was about to taste.

Let’s just say I did not question anything once my nose took a couple of whiffs.

I ordered a burger, fries and on this particular occasion a cookies and cream Oreo shake.

The bite I took into that hot juicy burger told me that not only was this thing delicious, but it was crisp, fresh and tasty. The fries were warm and the shake was just icing on the cake.

The Nano family moved to Phoenix from Michigan 13 years ago and bought the restaurant that used to be the go-to place in the 50s and 60s during the cruising hours here in the Valley.

“We changed the seats and updated some of the furniture but most of the stuff is still the original like back in the 50’s,” said Tony Nano, owner of Lucky Boy Burger Shop.

The restaurant looks like it has been around for a long time, but it does not look aged, although they try to keep it as original as possible, so it is somewhat nostalgic.

“We have seen business continue to grow, especially with the last two Super Bowls being here in the Valley, the clientele has gone up,” said Gil Nano, Tony’s son and co-owner of the restaurant.

“The burgers and the shakes are what everyone gets and they just keep coming back.”

With a variety of burgers, shakes and drinks, you would have to make a couple of trips to enjoy the complete menu of this old school restaurant.