A company is using a creative concept for singles to get out of their circles and meet others in the Valley. A company called Events and Adventures sets up 30-plus events every month that range from rock climbing to art shows to traveling to other countries to murder mystery parties.

"Tonight we are actually in Margarita Land," said Ashley Thiebout, event manager, "where there's about to be a murder so it's a murder mystery dinner."

Thiebout helped plan the event for 50 of the club's members.

Inside the Wrigley Mansion is the killer date. Someone is about to die, metaphorically of course, and all of the guests have to figure out whodunnit.

"We got the email with our character last night," said Daniel Miller. He and the other members assumed aliases, "and so we spent all of last night going through our closets trying to find all of the paraphernalia that we could wear for this."

The game encourages members to meet each other. They have to find out clues and piece together the killer's identity.

The company was started by Mark Owen.

"I was going through a divorce when I was younger," he said. "I went looking for something like this and there wasn't anything and I didn't want to get married right away. I wanted to go out and have fun."

His club is nationwide and thousands of members participate. It is an exclusive invite: To get an interview visit eventsandadventures.com.