In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, 12 News is working with the Salvation Army to collect, transport, store and distribute supplies to survivors in Houston and Beaumont, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida.

Today 12 News hosted a local supply collection at the University of Phoenix Stadium to help make a difference.

“I know a lot of people are in really dire need for things,” said Steve Blakeley, who pulled up with supplies.

Seeing the images of the aftermath of Harvey and Irma can make us feel hopeless.

“The devastation is really sad to see,” said Mary Bergeron who also showed up with donations.

This huge hurricane relief drive moved people around the Valley to act. Some people brought massive donations like the folks at Peoria Ford, who showed up with trucks full of cases of water.

Cars lined up to unload their much-needed donations like baby items and cleaning supplies.

Messages of love and support were found on some of the items, like

Messages like “thoughts and prayers” and “healing, thoughts and good wishes are being sent your way” were found on some of the donations.

It’s all headed to the places most impacted in Florida and Texas, where the Salvation Army already has volunteers on the ground.

“That have served well over 650,000 meals.” said Lt. Col. Kelly Pontsler of Salvation Army’s SW Division. “We come in and we help people begin that process of sifting and sorting down through their houses, but as they’re dealing with trauma, we want to surround them with emotional and spiritual care.”

These efforts will only further that care.

“We appreciate everyone showing their love and compassion for the folks that really need us right now and I the folks there would do the same for us if we ever need it, so that’s sort of the spirit of this,” said Dean Ditmer, President and General Manager of 12 News.

To continue the efforts to help hurricane victims next week. The Salvation Army will be hosting a blood drive at their headquarters off of 28th Street and Van Buren on Monday.