The Arizona Animal Welfare League posted Friday on its Facebook that it was down to just two cans of wet kitten food, asking for help.

Boy, did they get it!

An AAWL Facebook post Monday afternoon said the shelter received enough kitten food for the entire 10-month kitten season, thanks to donations from the community.

AAWL will also be able to "expand the number of foster homes to take even more kittens this year," the post said.

Donations came in all weekend, and not just of kitten food -- people also gave gift cards and monetary donations to help the shelter purchase other supplies.

"Sometimes people are weighed down by negative things they see in the world, but if you need a powerful sign of the positive good a community can make, look no further," the post read. "From the bottoms of our hearts, from everyone two legged and four legged at AAWL, Thank you for such an enormous show of love. We can do what we do because of your support."

If you are interested in supporting the AAWL, you can check out the wish list on the shelter's website.

This kitten is smitten with all the kitten food donations the AAWL received. (Photo: AAWL)