PHOENIX - Sometimes a growing need requires more space and new equipment. For the Arizona Animal Welfare League, that’s just what the doctor ordered.

AAWL is expanding and with the help of the community’s donations, they’ll be able to tend to the sick, neglected and injured homeless animals they care for 24/7.

While they have been able to purchase half of the medical equipment with the help from Petco Foundation, they still need to raise over $30,000 by the end of August in order to obtain the additional medical equipment and supplies needed.

AAWL is the largest and oldest no-kill shelter in Arizona. The equipment and expansion helps AAWL in their efforts to rescue and rehabilitate animals that have been surrendered, abused and abandoned.

Equipment needed for AAWL’s expansion and life-saving efforts:

$9,940 - Wet dental table - Dental issues can lead to life-threatening cases.
$3,431 - Surgery table - Another table will allow AAWL to expand their ability to perform vital surgeries to the shelter and public by almost 33 percent.
$2,140 - Pulse oximeters (4): Necessary for monitoring our animals during the 4,000+ surgeries they perform each year.
$560 - Surgical packs (20): The number of surgeries AAWL perform's each day is set by the number of surgery packs available.
$520 - Water blanket pumps (4): As staff and volunteers care for our animals after surgery, water blanket pumps circulate warm water ensuring the safest and most comfortable recovery.
$150 - Anesthesia machine kits (6): The safety of animals is paramount, and these kits ensure their safety at their most vulnerable time.
$50 - Stethoscopes (8): Every cough, limp, and wimper is investigated fully by AAWL's trained staff, working in the kennels and clinic with their equipment to provide the best treatment option.

If you’d like to know more and help, you can check out the different ways to donate here.