The holiday season is just around the corner and stores are preparing for what should be a big rush and competitive year for retailers.

Big names like Amazon and Target have said their hiring thousands for seasonal jobs.

Here's a list of companies hiring for holiday work:


Amazon announced it is creating more than 120,000 seasonal positions for the holidays this year.

According to the release, Arizona is one of the 27 states where you can apply for a seasonal position, with 7,500 positions available.


Said it would hire 100,000 temporary holiday workers.


Macy's plans to hire about 80,000 temporary workers for in-store, phone, email and online chat jobs. The retailer said it would also hire another 18,000 for positions at fulfillment facilities.


JCPenney is looking to hire 40,000 seasonal workers this year.

Toys R Us

Despite filling for bankruptcy, a spokesperson, according to USA Today, said the company is hiring "tens of thousands" of seasonal workers.

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The delivery service plans to bring on more than 50,000 seasonal employees.


UPS said it would hire about 95,000 people for seasonal work before and immediately after the holidays.


Instead of filling temporary positions, Walmart is reportedly offering extra hours to current employees.


Like Walmart, said it would offer extra hours to current employees.

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