ALTAMONT, Tenn. - Five high school students in Tennessee are facing charges of attempted aggravated rape after an assault on another student, according to the local sheriff.

WARNING: This story contains details of alleged sexual assault. Reader discretion is advised.

According to the Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum via the Times Free Press, five football players at Grundy County High School attempted to rape a teammate with the metal handle of a mop in a school facility.

The five suspects are ages 15 to 17. They were given ankle monitors and instructed to remain at their homes until a hearing Monday. It has not yet been decided if they will be charged as adults.

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The victim is a 15-year-old freshman football player. The football players got into the school early Wednesday for a workout. There were no adults present. The victim was bent over and pinned down.

"Another participant held the victim's legs while he and a third participant used a metal dust mop handle to assault the victim," the sheriff said, according to the Times Free Press. "As this happened, another participant used a phone to record the incident."

The school's resource officer became aware of the incident, then brought in the Sheriff's Office to investigate that day.

The sheriff said the suspects did not appear to show remorse when being interview by investigators.

These disturbing allegations come as a sexual assault investigation is happening in Chandler, Arizona, among players on the Hamilton High School football team.

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