When nature strikes and you must evacuate, it's a chaotic time. You grab your valuables, pets and things that can't be replaced. But don't forget your prescription medicine.

Consumer Reports recommends you take them in their original containers with the original labels. Also, keep a list of all your medications. Put those pill bottles in a watertight bag. And throw out any damaged medication.

If all else fails and you forget your medicine, head to a pharmacy and ask for help.

“Once a state of emergency has been declared, in certain states, a pharmacist can give you up to a 30-day supply of your medication without your doctor's authorization,” said Consumer Reports Health Editor Trisha Calvo.

Arizona is one of those states where you can get an emergency refill.

One more option is to ask the Red Cross and other disaster relief organizations. They may be able to help you get prescription medicine following a disaster.