PHOENIX - Ever wonder who tips the most? Baby boomers or senior citizens?

On average, Americans are pretty generous when it comes to tipping, according to a recent survey by

But who are the best tippers?

“What we found is that when it comes to restaurants, the best tippers tend to be men, Republicans, Northeasterners, baby boomers and credit card users,” said Matt Schulz, a consumer industry analyst at

All these groups tip a median of 20 percent when dining at a restaurant.

“Folks in the western United States were in the middle with a median tip at 18 percent, which is the same as the national average,” said Schulz.

The tip median for women was at 16 percent while Democrats, southerners and cash users tip a median of 15 percent. While men tend to be more generous restaurant tippers than women, that doesn’t apply to the other service categories. Women were more likely to tip hotel housekeepers, baristas and hair stylists than men.

“We found that most people who tipped with a credit or debit card were more likely to leave a big tip than those who used cash,” said Schulz.

On average, most people see 15 percent as the minimum when it comes to tipping as oppose to the maximum.

“We were really surprised to find that one in five restaurant goers to a sit-down eatery don’t tip at all which is surprising because most servers rely on their tips for their livelihood,” said Schulz.

Women are more likely than men to tip:

Hotel housekeepers (47 percent of women always/mostly do so, versus just 33 percent of men)
Baristas (47 percent of women always/mostly tip compared with 41 percent of men)
Hair stylists/barbers (79 percent of women always/mostly tip against 74 percent of men)

Breakdown by region

Northeast: Median tip 20 percent
Southern: median tip 15 percent
Western: median tip 18 percent, same as the national average

The survey also examined Americans' tipping habits at hotels, coffee shops and hair salons/barber shops:
27 percent of hotel customers always tip their housekeeper; 31 percent never do
29 percent who visit coffee shops always tip their barista; 30 percent never do
67 percent always tip their hair stylist/barber; 12 percent never do