If you've already blown your vacation budget but still have plenty of vacation days to take, the "Money Coach" Lynnette Khalfani-Cox has some ideas on how to replenish the vacation fund.

"Sell all that unwanted stuff, especially electronics," she advised.

Khalfani-Cox says the website Decluttr.com will buy the electronics.

A change in your tax withholdings at work can also fatten your wallet.

"That way, your employer will take out fewer taxes and you will have a bigger paycheck," she explained.

You can expect about $250 a month more, because that's the amount the average American worker overpays in taxes.

Another avenue to extra cash is taking a second job.

"Sites like 'Upwork' have over a million and a half employers online who are looking for people who just want to do special projects, part-time work or freelance opportunities," Khalfani-Cox said.

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