A lot of people are complaining about an Apple software glitch…maybe even you!

Apple users write, “Dear Apple, Why are all my i's questions marks inside a square? Please fix this” and “I can't deal with the question marks. Get it together Apple”.

A lot of iPhone users are seeing this weird “A and a question mark in a box” anytime they type the letter "i". It's a glitch in the iOS 11 update.

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There is a fix. Apple details how to make it happen and we take you through it so you don't miss a step.

To fix the glitch:

• Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.

• Tap the plus sign in the upper right.

• Then type an upper-case "I" in the Phrase box, and a lower-case "i" in the Shortcut one.

We tried it and it works!