BUCKEYE, Ariz. - It's now been more than a month since an auto body shop in Buckeye became the focus of a Call 12 For Action investigation.

This summer, we confronted the owner, Rod Sease, at his home. He shut the door on us and refused to answer any of our questions.

The questions are about complaints from seven Classy Auto Works customers. They all tell Call 12 For Action the shop is anything but classy. They say Classy Auto Works has taken their vehicles and in some cases their money for repairs. Months, even years later, the customers say the shop has not completed the repairs or returned their vehicles or money.

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One of those customers is Kathy Soucy. The 77-year-old woman took her 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee to Classy Auto Works in January. In February, she even signed over an insurance check for $5,000. But now, seven months later, she doesn't have her Jeep or money back.

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“It's just disgusting,” Soucy told 12 News in June. “Frustrating to say the least. It's beyond my comprehension why anybody would do this.”

Now we may know why. Because of our Call 12 For Action investigation, Kathy Soucy and others filed official complaints with the Arizona Attorney General's Office. And the office is taking action.

Soucy recently received a letter from the Attorney General’s office. Part of it reads, “The Consumer Information and Complaints Unit of our office asked the above-named company to respond to the allegations in your complaint."

The response from Rod Sease, owner of Classy Auto Works, reads in part, "everything that Kathy Soucy says in her complaint is true." The exception is an issue with Classy Auto Works phone system switching from a landline to cell phone.

Sease's letter goes on to say, for the last two years, "my involvement in the business has been spotty at best because of my health." That includes being diagnosed with prostate cancer, congestive heart failure and other medical issues.

Sease says his son, Tony Sease, continued to run the business and had "apparently become overwhelmed.”

But now the father, Rod Sease, writes "I have all the parts needed to complete the repair and I will make every effort to fix the car by September 1st."

But Kathy Soucy has heard that before. The Sease's sent her two text messages in June saying her Jeep was ready to be picked up. However, when Ms. Soucy went to Classy Auto Works, the Sease's were nowhere to be seen and the shop looked abandoned.

Of course, we'll follow up with Soucy and Sease to see if the shop delivers on their promise and if the other customers get their vehicles and money back, as well.

On a side note, we've received a lot questions from viewers asking, why don't these customers call the police?

They have. Many of them have called the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. But there's little patrol deputies can do and say it's a civil matter. That's why the Attorney General's office is involved.

If you have a similar story about Classy Auto Works, you can file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office.

Call 12 For Action is also here to help. Submit your consumer complaint and our team of investigators will get to work for you.