PHOENIX - How many times have you bought something from a store and it didn't live up to expectations -- then you tried to return it only to encounter problems? This past year, it happened with a Valley woman who paid about $4,000 for a mattress. When a big department store didn't help, Call 12 For Action did.

The woman bought the mattress at a Valley Sears store earlier this year. She said it started to sink after less than a month. So, she had Sears pick it up and deliver her a second mattress.

“When the delivery man brought it out, that mattress had rips and tears and it looked like it was a used mattress,” said Roy, who’s with Call 12 For Action. “So, he immediately took that mattress back.”

The woman says the mattress was used. At this point, she wanted a refund and not another mattress, but couldn't get it. So, she filed a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General's Office and got in touch with Roy with Call 12 For Action.

“All they (Sears) were willing to do was replace the mattress, not give her a full refund,” Roy said.

So he started e-mailing Sears.

As for the idea that the delivered mattress was used, a Sears spokesperson responded, “That is not true. We're not sure if she saw dust/stains on the plastic protective covering and assumed it was on the mattress or what.”

With the help of Call 12 For Action, Sears eventually picked up the mattress and refunded the woman's money.

“It's great, because she probably wouldn't have gotten it back otherwise,” Roy said. “She wasn't going to get a mattress she was going to be happy with.”

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