Wells Fargo sent out an email Thursday letting its customers know they can apply for reimbursement from the bank if they believe their identity was used in the fake account scandal that broke earlier this year.

The class-action settlement is worth $142 million, which will be split between those deemed to have been wronged by the bank.

At the end of last month, Wells Fargo announced it had found 1.4 million more accounts that may have been involved in the case, bringing the total of possible unauthorized accounts to 3.5 million.

If you think Wells Fargo opened an account in your name without your permission, or if you bought identity theft protection from the bank, you could be entitled to compensation.

Wells Fargo has set up a website for those who want to register for the class-action suit or want more information. You can also call 1-866-431-8549 for more information.