FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - Southwest Airlines’s big 72-hour sale kicked off Tuesday morning and 12 News checked out how travelers could land a $49 fare.

The airline offers these rates twice a year for one-way, non-stop flights.

Alexis Lee is a travel consultant with Avenues of the World Travel. She said a great part of the sale is that there aren't hidden fees.

“Southwest, they’re pretty upfront about what they’re charging and when they’re charging for what you’re getting out of it,” Lee said.

We found a late-night flight from Los Angeles to Phoenix during the eligible dates, Aug. 22 - Dec.13 for $48.98. This price included taxes, two checked bags -- weighing 50 pounds or less -- and an in-flight drink.

Lee said the trick with this sale was flexibility. She suggested travelers first see if their departure and destination were on the list of cities included in the sale. When searching, she suggested customers look at the days around their desired date for that $49 golden ticket.

“If it matches up with what you are going to do anyway, it can be a great tool,” Lee said.

The sale excludes flights on Fridays, Sundays and some days around Labor Day and Thanksgiving.