SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Inside the SkySong campus in Scottsdale is an app two years old.

“It’s a simple solution for a problem that most of us have,” said Maria Luna, co-founder of Bravo, a digital tipping app that helps users who have no cash.

In 2015, Luna and her husband, Hector Rodriguez, began the safe app.

“I understood the problem cause of my own mother,” she said. “She used to make a living working on tips so I understood how painful it is when people do not tip you and you depend on those tips.”

The idea quickly turned into a successful business venture.

In 2015, shortly after launch, the two won the Wild Card award at the TechCrunch convention in San Francisco.

A producer with the hit show Shark Tank saw them win and offered them an invitation to audition for the show. After auditions, the company made the show.

“I was more nervous preparing for the experience,” said Luna. “I just decided to have fun.”

She and her husband’s presentation impressed sharks Mark Cuba and Lori Greiner who tag teamed and offered a $150,000 deal.

Luna accepted.

“Like I say at the end,” Luna said, “‘Can you pinch me?’ because everything seems a little bit like a dream.”

The app is free to download.

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The episode they are featured in is season 9, episode 9.