School is out, summer is here and you’re contemplating vacation. If you plan on hitting the road this summer, check to see if you have a spare tire. Many newer vehicles are not equipped with spares tires and opting for inflator kits instead.

A study by AAA showed one-third of 2015 car models lack a spare tire. A huge difference compared to 5 percent of 2006 model-year vehicles equipped with no spare.

A Consumer Reports study showed more car companies are eliminating spare tires as a standard feature and opting for inflator kits. Eliminating spare tires saves on car weight, which impacts the vehicle's fuel efficiency. Inflator kits give car buyers more spare room.

But beware, inflator kits have limitations and it's questionable whether a tire can be salvaged after using this type of repair.

Edmunds has been tracking the use of repair kits and estimates there are now 110 car models carrying repair kits compared to just 23 in 2009.

Before you head out the door, pop the trunk and know what you have. Make an emergency plan to ensure your quality time is spent with loved ones and not stuck on the side of the road.

AAA has put together a list of vehicles sold without a spare tire.