When it comes to large purchases with warranties, it's always a good idea to ask for a copy of the warranty and look it over yourself before buying it.

Sales people may tell you the warranty includes everything, but that's not always true, as a recent Call 12 case illustrates.

One of our Gilbert viewers bought a recliner along with a five-year warranty plan that he thought included everything.

However, when the reclining mechanism broke, he quickly found out his warranty covered things such as fabric damage, spills etc, but not the mechanism.

"Sometimes it's just easier to self-warrant. In other words, you save the money you were going to pay for a warranty and figure that's going to go for a repair at a later date," said Vina, the volunteer who worked on his case.

In this case, the company did not reimburse our viewer. This serves as a reminder to always read the fine print on your warranty, even if you're told it covers everything.