It’s your money. Call 12 for Action is here to help you get it back.

For example, unauthorized withdrawals on your bank account: Don’t be afraid to escalate your complaint if you feel you’re not being heard.

“Approach the bank at their local level, speak to a person that they think can be helpful and if that’s not true, then pursue the matter through the bank’s corporate channels, asking for department intervention and escalation,” said Patrick, a volunteer investigator with Call 12 for Action.

That’s what we did and helped a Phoenix woman get $1,100 back.

In another case, a man in Sun City West received a quote for pest control services. When the company showed up, pest removal came at a very different price. The customer felt duped, so, he called us.

We worked it out, saving the consumer $1,400.

“It’s difficult because sometimes they can’t really be accurate on the price until they’ve gotten into the job,” said Steve, a Call 12 for Action volunteer. “Let them check it out and say ‘What is the job going to cost me, so I know whether I can afford it.'”

A Mesa woman signed up with a cable and internet provider and was supposed to receive a gift card as part of the offer, but the gift card never came.

She called our team and we got a $200 credit to her account, with some important advice for all consumers for those times when you don’t get what you’re promised.

“First, check with the company,” said Maury, a volunteer investigator with Call 12 for Action. “Find out what’s happening and then if that doesn’t satisfy you, Call 12 for Action. We’ll contact our contacts and see if we can make it right.”

If you have a consumer complaint, Call 12 for Action. Our volunteer investigators are available to take your call Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. at 1-800-260-1212 or 602-260-1212. You can also file your complaint online.