When you think Black Friday, you think deals on televisions and other electronics, but did you know it can also be the best time to get a deal on a car?

Matt Jones, a Senior Consumer Advice Editor at Edmunds, said it's a trend that has been developing over the last seven to eight years.

"Black Friday and the rest of the year is going to be a great time for bargain hunters, because there's still going to be good inventory and there's going to be really big discounts and really big incentives," said Jones.

Jones also predicts 2017 will be a particularly good year for savings on cars, because dealerships sold less cars in 2017 than 2016, which means they want to get more cars off their lots.

"More inventory married up with lots of rebates is going to equal a very, very good time for somebody to buy," said Jones.

So who has the best deals?

Jones said every dealership is offering something good, on at least one of their models.

He said Honda has great deals on the Accord, because there is a new 2018 model coming out.

While Volkswagon has deals on the Jetta,

"Toyota's got plenty of specials. Ford has tremendous specials. Everybody has something," Jones said.

But the deals differ dealership to dealership.

Jones' biggest piece of advice is do you research, and start he buying process early. Don't leave everything to Black Friday, because the salespeople may be too busy to help you.

Do your research, make your choice and do the test drive ahead of time and leave Black Friday for the actual purchase.