The holiday season is prime time for scammers to go after consumers who are most vulnerable. As part of National Utility Scam Awareness Day, SRP, APS and Southwest Gas are urging customers to be on the lookout.

“When they ask for those prepaid cards, such as the Green Dot or MoneyPak, we don’t ask for those, nor do we take those as a form of payment." said Renee Castillo, SRP's senior director of customer strategy integration. "We don't call customers asking for their banking information. We get that information from customers who proactively give it to us in the midst of a phone call but we don’t call for that information."

If someone comes to your home claiming to be with a utility company unexpectedly, don’t let them in until you verify who they are and reason for being at your home.

“Scammers have been known to come your house asking for money or asking for access to your home. If you have not requested service. Do not let them into your home until you have verified their identity. Ways to do that. Look for their badges," said Yvonne Low. Southwest Gas's director of customer engagement. "They would have a company logo badge. Look at their uniforms. Their uniforms would be 'logoed' and it would match the logo on their badge. Look for the vehicles they would be driving. It’s typically a company truck with a logo on it."

Scammers are getting creative in trying to separate customers from their money by threatening to shot of the power. Officials say if you feel like someone is attempting to scam, you call the utility company directly.

SRP offers an app to download, giving customers quicker access to their account to confirm if they owe any money.

The Better Business Bureau has an online scam tracker.

“We receive real-time scams every day. Which is great for the public can zoom in and see what scams are happening in their neighborhood,” said Myriam Cruz, the BBB's director of community relations.

For more resources, visit SRP's, Southwest Gas's and APS's websites.