A Valley salon shut it's doors with no warning to cosmetologists or clients. Dolce Salon and Spa has multiple locations but one is no longer open to those looking to change their locks.

The rumor around social media was that the Chandler location was closed for remodeling but as stylist Paula Nation tells us, the shop is closed for good, leaving dozens of employees high and dry.

Clients were in disbelief when they saw that Dolce had closed but no one was more surprised than employees like Nation.

“It was at 4 a. m. and it was a mass text to all of us saying that the location was going to be closing because she couldn't afford another day,” she said.

However, the mother of two said she can’t get by without getting paid.

“Not having clients and I'm used making $1,500 every two weeks and then basically making nothing, I can't pay for day care," she told us.

Fast forward to Monday afternoon and the place of rest and relaxation was reduced to an empty building.

“It's crazy how this could all happen in one day or basically overnight, so it's just sad,” she added.

The inside of the facility was bare with nothing but a bright yellow sign on the window referring clients to their Scottsdale location, which we called and got an answering machine with messages telling customers to go online. We did that too.

A quick search on the company’s Facebook page leads you to believe that services are still available at the gutted location.

“It's kind of funny because they're not remodeling, they're closing. She stated that in the text. They're closing,” Nation said.

She said most of the employees she's spoken to have yet to see a final paycheck, which was also promised in the mass text.

“Very unprofessional. I think she totally could've given us a heads-up, even if it was a few days, made it a little more personable, maybe have a meeting with us,” Nation added.

No such meeting was held and cosmetologists were told to clear the stations by noon Monday. As for clients, some we spoke with are stuck with gift cards that likely won’t cut it if the salons keep closing.