Students in an entrepreneurship program at Arizona State are looking for Phoenix-based restaurants to sign up so the students can launch a new app concept.

The app, called Frenzi, is designed to increase foot traffic to restaurants at traditionally slow times, while decreasing food waste.

Restaurants can offer discounted prices on food, rather than throwing it away at the end of the night. Customers can check "Frenzis" nearby and save money on food.

Businesses can also mitigate slow times by offering Frenzis to drum up foot traffic.

The app is available on iTunes, and will be available on Android devices the first week of January.

Sparky's Old Town Creamery, The Delicious Factory, Chompie's, and Ike's Sandwiches are currently using Frenzi, and the startup is looking for more participating restaurants.

If your Phoenix- or Tempe-based restaurant is interested and would like more information, email

Ricky Johnson, Brandon Caffie and Adrianna Lash are the team members working on the app.