PHOENIX - A company chosen to build one of four prototypes for President Trump's border wall has a long history of fines and lawsuits in the Valley.

Fisher Sand and Gravel in Tempe is a subsidiary of Fisher Industries, based out of North Dakota.

But most people in the Valley might know the company best for an asphalt plant a Maricopa Superior Court Judge said the company built without a permit.

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Residents said the asphalt plant near 28th Street and Broadway Road was a source of dust, pollution and a rotten egg smell. The City of Phoenix filed 267 criminal charges against the company and Fisher racked up 2,000 city and county violations over the plant. The company appealed 1,500 of them.

Fisher paid $150,000 to settle a sexual discrimination lawsuit in New Mexico in 2011.

The company founder's son was accused of tax fraud in 2009. The company itself agreed to pay more than $1 million in back taxes.

Fisher voluntarily closed the asphalt plant in 2010, but the fines kept coming. The EPA fined the company $150,000 in 2013 over dust concerns, and $18,000 for not disclosing what chemicals it kept to make asphalt. The EPA said not having that list put first responders in danger.

The EPA lists no violations against the company in Phoenix since then.

Fisher did not respond to requests for comment Friday.