2016 was a heck of a year here at 12 News, but we couldn't have done as much as we did without the help of our viewers.

Folks helped us out by sharing news tips and submitting photos and videos from around Phoenix and the state of Arizona.

To those who were our eyes and ears in the community, we offer a big "THANK YOU!"

Here are some of our favorite viewer-submitted photos from 2016:

A Mesa police officer pulled over a couple speedsters in a foot-powered Mercedes.

One Casa Grande family made good use of the summer heat, baking cookies in the car.

One photographer caught a sneaky cactus trying to climb a rock face.

A family of cacti shared a group hug.

It's hard to make a snowman in the desert, but one viewer got pretty close.

A man with a dog went to great lengths to help his furry friend safe from hot sidewalks.

The random juniper tree on I-17 got its customary Christmas decorations again this year just after Thanksgiving.

A bunch of cacti in Tucson received a similar treatment.

Thanks to those of you who helped make 2016 a successful year for us at 12 News!

You can share your photos and videos with us on Instagram and Twitter by using the hashtag #BeOn12 or by sharing them with us on Facebook.