The U.S. Postal Service has released a special commemorative stamp that changes appearance when you touch it.

The Total Eclipse of the Sun Forever stamp series launched last Tuesday during a special ceremony at the University of Wyoming. The stamps can be ordered on the United States Postal Service's website for $7.84 per sheet of 16.

MORE: Visit U.S. Postal Service’s website for information

The stamps commemorate the Aug. 21 solar eclipse and use a special thermochromic ink that transforms an image of the eclipse into an image of the moon using the heat from your finger.

The stamp was designed from photos taken by Arizona resident Fred Espenak of the 2006 solar eclipse. Espenak, as astrophysicist, captured the photos in Jalu, Libya.

The postal service is asking the public to use #EclipseStamps on social media for the release of the unique stamps.

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Millions of people in the U.S. hope to view this summer’s solar eclipse.

The eclipse will travel a narrow path across the country for the first time since 1918. Tennessee is included in the path of 14 states from Oregon to South Carolina.