Marinating the chickens


3 EA- whole chickens

1 QT- buttermilk

½ C- minced garlic

1 C- white onion

1 TBS- paprika

¼ C- ‘Franks’ hot sauce

TT- salt and black pepper


Drain the chickens well from brine. Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and soak chickens for 24 hours, covered and refrigerated.

Frying the chickens


All- brined and marinated chickens

2 C- AP flour

2 C- corn starch

1 C- corn flakes

1 C- Panko breadcrumbs

TT- salt and peeper


Combine the flour, corn starch, panko and crushed corn flakes in a bowl and coat the marinated chicken.

Fry at 350’F until golden brown and internal temperature of 155’F.

Season and serve crispy with mustard dressing.