PHOENIX - More often than not, passengers have had their fair share of travel nightmares. We caught up with some travelers at Sky Harbor to find out what made them want to have a meltdown.

Christina Noakes from Seattle said, "We decided to travel with our twins and they both got sick while in flight ... it may have been the baby food green beans but they lost those when we were on the tarmac getting ready to take off and I felt so bad for everyone."

Marshaunda Hampton from Jacksonville, Florida was still bitter.

"My luggage landed, and I did not," she said. "So that’s the worst thing that happened to me."

Kim Marron from Utah remembered her nightmare like it was yesterday.

"There was a blizzard in Denver and we got stranded, our daughter forgot her coat, we ran out of formula, my son nick and husband were sick," she said. "It was horrible."

But there were some passengers who never really had a problem, like Lincoln Guest from Chandler.

"You know, I haven’t really have any bad experiences," he said "Just being late, that’s it."

Joe Pillars from Portland, Oregon told us, "I travel for business once or twice a month and I fly Southwest all the time, always get my bags, always on time. It’s perfect."

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