PHOENIX - In the month of October the hauntings are always more welcome than any other months. Most of those hauntings that are made up, and come the first days of fall, the haunted houses once again open their doors.

We are lucky to have many of these attractions across the Valley -- two of the more well-known are the 13th Floor off of Bell Road and the I-17 and Fear Farm off of McDowell Road and the 101.

“Safety is our main priority,” said Jacob Redwood, manager of the 13th Floor. “You’d be surprised of how safe our sets are. We work with the Phoenix Fire Department and all of our cast and crew rehearses safety calls and drills.”

To see Oct. 13 land on a Friday is like hitting the superstition lottery. For Halloween attractions, having this date fall under a Friday is just more icing on the cake.

“We’ve got a DJ outside. We also are bringing a specific actor to our location, and we are going to make it all possible to make sure that you have an amazing time and remember that it was on the 13th,” said Redwood, and according to him, the variety of scares that they have at their locations will change from year to year.

“We don’t want to be specific to only clowns, or zombies. We want all varieties because you never know, someone might not like a certain thing and we have it here.”

The level of horror goes in every direction, being that it is Friday the 13th, things get kicked up a notch. Redwood recommends about a PG-13 level, however, the 13th Floor invites the entire family to come out and try it, and have fun.

“Phoenix is a family-oriented city,” Redwood said. “We invite the entire family to come out and have fun. You will be scared, and you will scream -- the lights, the sounds, the sights will help with that; however, it's amazing how many families come out laughing at the end, and that’s exactly what we want.”

So tonight, if you’re up for it, head on out to the many haunted house attractions that the Valley of the Sun has to offer, have fun, and be safe.