Celebrating our nation's independence wouldn't be complete without fireworks shooting off into the air.

Monday night several business held a pre-Fourth of July party in Cave Creek, topped off with a professional fireworks show.

"We have the fire department on-site," said Joshua McBride, the manager of Harold's Corral.

Harold's Corral, with the help of The Roadhouse and Buffalo Chip Saloon, took every precaution they could to keep patrons safe.

"In Arizona it's such a dry climate, so it's important to always have fire safety and be conscious of that at all times, especially around the Fourth of July," said McBride.

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Driving around, it's easy to see just how dry the conditions are in Cave Creek and throughout the Valley.

That's why firefighters want to remind everyone that it doesn't take much for a patch of dry, brittle brush to burst into flames.

"We have professionals doing every single thing on the checklist, taking every single precaution and we still have a risk," said Phoenix FD Captain Larry Subervi.

This weekend, a brush fire ignited in north Phoenix after embers from a fireworks show landed on nearby trees.

So as people enjoyed the party scene in Cave Creek, fire crews were hard at work spraying down the nearby brush with water and doing whatever they could to keep the area from igniting.

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"It really tells the public that fireworks are not something to be taken lightly," said Subervi.

Firefighters hope their efforts remind others that while sparklers and other at home displays are fun to celebrate with, things can quickly take a turn for the worse.

"They (fireworks) are serious and can cause a fire in your backyard," Subveri said. "It doesn't take a bunch of brush for something negative to happen."