Parents, you hear about trick-or-treating safety every year: Only cross at crosswalks, go in a group, wear fireproof costumes, bring a flashlight and inspect your candy.

These are common safety practices we hear year after year, but now there are a few “smart” ways to keep your kids safe.

When it comes to having reflective gear or a flashlight, the TRAKK Armor Backpack features an LED light with changing colors so kids can match their costume.

There’s also apps like GeoLocation or Life360, which offers real-time GPS tracking along with an alerts, notifications and a panic button.

“When it comes to Apple or Android devices, all have built-in GPS technology. For Apple it’s easy, you can use Find my Friends or Find my iPhone and it will tell you exactly where it’s at down to about 20 feet,” said Eric Marcus, CEO of Marcus Networking Inc.

The handheld Spy Tec GPS Tracker device allows you to keep tabs on the location of your kids in real time, and you can even set up "geofence" alerts so you will be alerted if your kids walk outside of a boundary.

Your kids could also carry a Revolar Instinct button, which is a small personal safety device. Kids press the button and you’ll receive a text with their location and a message. If they need help, they can press the button twice and an alert will be sent.

For parents at home handing out candy, the Nest Outdoor Cam comes with night vision and allows you to keep tabs on the exterior of your home.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 offers the same peace of mind, allowing you to see who’s at your door. You can also communicate through the device, which will startle any troublemakers.

Overall, common safety measures are a must, but these smart devices will help keep trick-or-treating as safe as possible.