Every July, firefighters prepare for fireworks mishaps. They're doing what they can to prevent a tragedy this Fourth of July, so Phoenix firefighters shared some tips with us on how to stay safe while using fireworks.

They said even a sparkler could injure your hand or even start a serious fire.

Phoenix fire inspector Brian Scholl also wanted us to spread the word that when it comes to fireworks, a good rule to remember is if it goes in the air, it's illegal.

"Like a Roman candle or a firecracker or a bottle rocket -- something like that that goes up in the air or explodes that’s kind of our rule of thumb," Scholl said.

Keep in mind, even the legal fireworks could cause serious injuries so fire inspector Scholl hopes anyone putting on a show at home will at least take these precautions.

“Line up your fireworks one by one. Make sure you have a bucket of water or a garden hose just in case something were to go wrong. Light the fireworks one at a time," he said. "As you light it, step back to where your group is that’s watching and wait until it’s done, then light the other one."

He also said to light any fireworks outside in an open area on concrete, on dirt or a well-watered lawn away from structures and bushes.

And if you get a dud, here's what to do:

“Don’t touch it for 20 minutes, throw it in that bucket of water and then you can safely throw it away,” he said.

If safety isn't enough to keep you from using illegal fireworks, maybe this will convince you to obey the law: The fine for sending fireworks into the air is $1,000.