FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – The Othon family spent their Thanksgiving holiday weekend hunting for a Christmas tree.

The family searched high and low for the perfect centerpiece decoration for the holiday, finally finding one near Happy Jack in the Coconino National Forest.

They secured a permit more than a month before Christmas. Their fourth-grader’s pass got them the $15 permit free of cost.

12 News followed the Othons into one of the designated tree-cutting areas on the map provided by the U.S. Forest Service. Following the rules, the family searched for a tree under 10 feet tall, taking home a Douglas Fir under 6 feet.

If you enjoyed the Othon family’s first Christmas tree hunt and are interested in a similar adventure, you can try calling the National Forests in Arizona at the numbers below, to see if they still have permits available for sale.

Apache Sitgreaves National Forest: 928-339-5000

Coconino National Forest: 928-527-3600

Coronado National Forest: 520-364-3468

Kaibab National Forest: 928-643-7395

Prescott National Forest: 928-443-8000

Tonto National Forest: 480-595-3300

Watch below to see how far other families drove to buy permits for the Coconino National Forest.