Cooking a turkey for the first time can be terrifying, but don't stress. The Butterball Turkey talk-line is available to answer all of your questions.

“Good morning this is Butterball turkey talk-line can I help you?” said Marge Klindera, Butterball talk-line member for 35 seasons.

“We do a lot of turkey talking," said Klindera.

The idea for the Butterball talk-line started in 1981.

“They had seven home economists and they set them up with phones right in the test kitchen because they were getting so many questions about baking turkeys," said Klindera.

Fast-forward 36 years and now there are more than 50 turkey talkers ready to help.

“Thanksgiving day is our busiest day and there have been times when we get 10,000 calls that day," said Klindera.

They get a lot of bizarre questions, but most of the time, people are either panicked or confused about the proper technique.

“They are experiencing what we call turkey trauma and they just need a little hand-holding and that’s what we provide," said Klindera.

There’s one question that they get the most.

“Year after year, people are calling about thawing their turkey,” said Klindera.

According to Marge, for every 4 pounds of turkey, you need one day in the refrigerator. If you are running low on time, there’s another method.

“Put the turkey in cold water, then it takes 30 minutes per pound,” said Klindera.

With 35 years of helping panicked poultry cookers, Marge has taken a lot of calls, but one stands out.

“It was the new bride who was whispering on the phone because her mother and mother-in-law are arguing about how to cook the turkey," said Klindera.

No matter the call, she’s happy to help.

“They are always so thankful and it really makes for a pleasant job for us,” said Klindera.

If you have questions you want answered call 1-800-BUTTERBALL. You can also text, online chat and email. Visit for more information.