Superheroes pop up in unique places and Dallas-Fort Worth police officer Damon Cole picked a local hospital right here in the Valley. What's special about this "boy in blue" is that he dresses up as Batman to cheer up kids who are battling cancer.

He’s been everything from Batman to the Incredible Hulk and it's all to inspire little heroes to always keep fighting.

“Basically, [I] flew up here to see Super Sammy -- he's a 5-year-old little boy who has got terminal brain cancer,” he said.

Cole travels the country during his free time at his own expense to visit patients like Sammy who need super treatments.

“My message to the kids is that they're the hero and I give them a bracelet and I tell them it has super powers on it, and it's going to help them beat cancer or whatever illness they're fighting -- they just have to promise to do one thing for me and that's not give up,” he said.

Cole has been to 20 different states and hopes to visit all 50 as well as Canada. He estimates roughly 1,000 super visits with kids, so far.

“I'll go anywhere," he said. "I don't charge the families -- whatever I can do to make their kid happy and make them smile in their last few moments."

The heroic gesture grew into a calling for him about four years ago.

“I learned of a little boy named Bryce. He lived in Illinois and had stomach cancer, and once I learned about him, I learned that he loves Superman," Cole said. "And I reached out to the family and asked if I could come see him and once I made that trip and spent the day with him, that changed my life."

Cole is a true hero for his hometown, where he wears a badge, and he's an inspiration to children who see the hero in a cape and signs of hope. He's currently working on getting a Batmobile to make his visits that much more authentic and special.

If you’d like to get in touch with Officer Cole, just visit his website: or email him at

Officer Cole has dressed up as the following:

Iron Man
Batman (The Dark Knight & Dawn of Justice)
Optimus Prime from Transformers
Bumblebee from Transformers
Baymax from Big Hero 6
Captain America
The Incredible Hulk
Black Panther
Armored Batman from Dawn of Justice (Batman vs Superman)
Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles