It's a Facebook message the Mesa Police Department received -- a thank you from a parent who caught a police officer "jamming out" at a red light.

According to the message, it was an interaction that made a scared little girl not scared anymore.

"He was totally jamming out at the red light and threw up a peace sign at my kids when they noticed each other," the parent wrote to Mesa PD. "My little girl signed 'I Love You' to him which he returned before the light changed and drove on his way."

The parent thanked the officer for making their "scared little girl not scared today."

"What you don't know is the only interaction my little girl has had with police is where her bio parents were arrested and she was placed in foster care," the message read. "Thank you for blessing my little princess and showing her that cops 'love her back.'"

Mesa PD shared the message on Facebook saying "Rock on Mesa! Thanks for your support."

"God bless you and your department," the message read.