He got his badge, rode in a helicopter and issued a traffic ticket.

He even got to eat at McDonald's, his favorite restaurant.

It was all in a day's work for 6-year-old Nathan, who is battling a life-threatening neurological disorder. The Kingman Police Department and the Make-A-Wish Foundation worked together to make it happen for Nathan.

A release from Kingman PD showed Nathan had a simple request: “I want to wear a uniform, drive fast in cars and ride in a helicopter. It would be cool to fly so the bad guys can’t see me and I just catch them”.

It was clear Kingman PD was just the right department to get this job done.

Nathan took off from the fight headquarters of Tri-State Careflight at the Kingman airport and flew over his home and school.

From there, he went to KPD headquarters and was sworn in as an honorary officer by Chief Robert DeVries. He was honored in a badge pinning ceremony and got a tour of the department.

Then, he made a traffic stop with officer Chaz Truver and issued his first traffic ticket in the department's parking lot.

For lunch, Nathan and his family joined some friends from KPD at McDonald's to reward his hard work.