FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - A puppy has a second shot at a happy life after suffering through what staff at the Humane Society called the worst case of burns they’ve ever seen.

After 10 weeks of healing at the Coconino County Humane Association, Friday, Leopold was getting ready to head to his forever home. The shelter's director, Michelle Ryan, said Leopold needs a patient and loving family because he has already been through a lot.

The puppy had a cruel start and the pictures shared by volunteer, Glo Rodriguez, told it all.

“It looked like he had been cut, you know, and his skin was just kind of hanging open,” Ryan said.

Ryan said tourists from Minnesota dropped off Leopold at the Association at the start of May. They saw he was in need of help when they found him in the Navajo Nation.

A trip to the vet and some shaved fur later revealed the damage was far beyond a big cut.

“This was the most extensive burning we had ever seen,” Ryan said.

Though it is hard to tell whether Leopold’s harsh reality was an accident or intentional, Ryan said no animal would endure this kind of pain if it were free to make a run for it.

“They would run away from it, I mean, that’s natural behavior for any animal, person, you don’t run towards the fire typically,” Ryan said.

Just two weeks after Friday this furry guy, hungry for affection, will be able to run toward a second shot at a happy life -- vaccinated, neutered and ready to replace his nightmare with loving memories.

Staff said Friday, the puppy had just been taken out of medical isolation, so they weren’t sure what his favorite games were or how much he liked to play with other dogs and people; that'll be up to his future family to find out, but he seems particularly fond of tug-o-war.