PHOENIX - A Texas Army veteran is feeling the Arizona love while in hospice care.

"Did I think it would turn into what it did? No, I didn't," said Michelle Fawbush, laughing at the viral story she created.

The irony, perhaps, is Fawbush doesn't even know the Lee Hernandez or his wife.

But she made it her mission to make the final days of his life a little easier after learning about a particularly tough day for the couple.

"Lee had asked for his phone, and he said, ‘In case someone calls,’” Fawbush explained about the situation. “[His wife] gave it to him, and a couple hours later, he went to hand it back to her and said, ‘I guess no one wants to talk to me.'”

It was a heartbreaking conclusion for a person to draw, especially one who put his life on the line for the rest of us.

Herndanez's wife, Ernestine, shared her experience on a Facebook page called Caregivers of Wounded Warriors, and that's how Fawbush learned of their story.

Fawbush then made her own post on the Arizona Veterans Forum Facebook page, and the support come flooding in!

Part of her post reads "Below is his number, if you want to take 5 minutes out of your day tomorrow and call him I know it will brighten his day.”

That was Tuesday, and it took off from there -- one day Hernandez received 8,000 text messages.

Fawbush said the response speaks volumes of the military community in Arizona and around the country.

"[We] truly do have this brotherhood,” Fawbush said.

47-year-old Hernandez has been battling health issues for years now.

"Basically, he has a lot of mini strokes,” said Fawbush. “He is in his wheelchair, and he is blind, and his speech has been affected."

Since the original post Fawbush made Tuesday, Hernadez’s phone has been ringing off the hook.

They’re asking the public, instead, to consider sending a greeting card to their home in Texas.

The address is listed below:

Lee & Ernestine Hernandez
746 Cornflower Court
New Braunfels, TX 78130