KINGMAN, Ariz. - You're never too "old" to learn something new, words a student at Mohave Community College seems to live by.

Rich Libertini is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, a great-grandfather of eight and at 82 years young is pursuing an associates degree in general studies at MCC in Kingman.

According to a release from MCC, Libertini is pursuing a degree in general studies. Outside of class, he likes to swing dance, fish and even contributed his story to a school publication.

In the release, Rich said his decision to return to school stemmed from not having a million dollars to leave to his family. Instead, he hopes to, according to MCC, set an example for generations to come.

"What's the best thing I can do before I leave this world?" he said. "Suppose I go back to school, that'd be a great inspiration for the kids."

His favorite part of school? The teacher, instructors and tutors. He said they've all been "absolutely wonderful."

Oh! And did we mention his dog, Atlas, accompanies him around campus?

"Many on the Neal Campus-Kingman have seen Rich and his best friend Atlas around campus." the school wrote. "The two are nearly inseparable."

Way to go, Rich! Keep on studying!