PHOENIX - The Szafranski family gave birth to four beautiful babies back in March and now they're all out of the hospital, safe at home.

The siblings have been at their Phoenix home since May 22 and mother Kylie Szafranski is adjusting to life as a mom of multiples.

The four sweet babies each have a different personality, already at nearly 12 weeks old.

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“This is Gideon." Szafranski said. "Everyone jokes and calls him my mama’s boy because he’s cuddly. That’s Emery. She’s definitely our little princess. That’s Theo, his nickname is T-Chunks. That’s Damon. He’s definitely our brick house of a baby.”

And Kylie is mastering the art of caring for her quadruplets.

“It’s four babies," she said. "It’s four diaper changes. Four feedings around the clock. But it’s not horrific.”

Mom says they're all great sleepers and their official due date was May 29. Kylie delivered on March 18. The siblings spent weeks in the NICU at HonorHealth Scottsdale Shea Medical Center.

“Their development is a little tricky because technically they’re almost 12 weeks old, but technically they’re just born," she said.

So, that means they do things that 12-week-olds can do, like rolling over, but they are still sleeping and eating a lot like newborns. This mom says organization is key to survival.

"The structure of my kids’ day is what keeps me calm," she said. "I’m not trying to remember what’s the last time they ate, the last time they did this. I know.”

And when we asked if there were anymore babies in the future ...

“No, I have five children," she laughed. "I’m thoroughly done. This factory is closed.”