When a mom from Washington, D.C., could not get her family together for dinner, she stopped trying.

“I have dumped the family dinner," Patty Michalski said.

Michalski, an executive editor at USA TODAY, realized between after-school activities, varying times off work and everything in between, it's impossible to gather her husband, Phil Pruitt, and sons Jackson, 12, and Harper, 9 at the same time, in the same room for an evening meal.

So, she hatched a new plan for family time.

"After years of struggling with four people coming home at four different times, doing multiple different things … we, in this house, do the family breakfast," Michalski said.

Enjoying time together over eggs and bacon is the best way she can reconnect with her busy family. And, she's not always the one cooking. Sometimes, they all go out to breakfast, before school and work.

It's not about the food or the time it's eaten, after all, it's about the family.

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