PHOENIX - As kids head back to school, I teamed up with Kim Miller of Fit Mom Diet to get some ideas on what to pack for lunch.

Kim has two teenage boys, 13-year old Jack is in 8th grade and 15-year-old Matthew is a sophomore in high school.

Here are her ideas and tips on what to pack for teenagers:


Meal 1: Nitrate-free turkey rolled with cheddar or provolone cheese slices. Ziplock bags of snap peas and carrots with a side of hummus. Small bag of pretzels and nuts.

Meal 2: Sandwich on Ezekiel bread (pre-toasted) made with turkey, lettuce and turkey bacon, Kodiak Protein pancakes, Sliced apple and trail mix with dark chocolate chips.

Meal 3: Chobani Yogurt, granola, nuts and blueberries. Whole wheat tortilla with peanut butter and honey and a side of bagged veggies.


* Precook turkey bacon for the week so you have it for sandwiches each day.

* Put food ready to eat in small Ziploc bags so teenagers can easily eat it at lunch and throughout the day.

* When cutting and bagging apples add lemon juice to prevent them from turning brown.

* Meal prep on Sunday and make Kodiak protein pancakes for the week. Place 4-5 in each individual bag.

*Cook hard-boiled eggs and peel them ahead of time. Place in Ziploc bags.

* Buy yogurt in small portable containers and pack a disposable bowl and spoon.

* Find a low sugar granola in the bulk rate food section on your grocery store.

*Allow teens to make there own trail mix using a variety of nuts and seeds.

*Add dark chocolate chips to trail mix or pancakes if they crave a little sweet treat.

Shopping list for meals and snacks:

*Bagged fresh veggie such as snap peas and carrots

*Blueberries and apples

* Nitrate-free chicken or turkey and cheese roll-ups

* Crackers and small bags of pretzels

* Nitrate-free turkey

* Lettuce

*Turkey bacon

*Ezekiel bread


*Chobani yogurt


*A variety of nuts and seeds

*Small containers of hummus and carrots or pretzels

*Hard-boiled eggs

*Whole wheat tortillas

* Peanut butter