Jaxon was finally watching another movie besides Disney's Moana his dad, Steven, said.

It was a moment Jaxon's mom decided to capture in order to show Steven.

Jaxon was watching Trolls, but instead of recording the adorable moment, she captured something else. Something hilarious, and we'd assume, unexpected.

The DreamWorks Animation film is a musical comedy featuring the voices of Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick as trolls. Jaxon enjoyed that part.

"He loves Trolls and dances and sings every time," Steven said.

There's just one issue Jaxon has with the movie.

"However, the little girl troll, not so much," he said.

Jaxon's mom captured his terrified look as he watched the character, Bridget, sing on the screen.

"That part just so happened to be on when she started recording," Steven said.

His priceless face had his parents, and us, laughing.