PHOENIX – Cold brew coffee has a reputation for delivering a strong jolt of caffeine, but does it offer more caffeine than its hot counterpart?

There are a couple of factors to consider when comparing caffeine in cold brew and hot brew: coffee type, brew time, grind size and blend.

“Using the same amount of coffee for hot brew as for cold brewing, you get slightly less caffeine with cold water,” said John Gozbekian, V.P. of innovation for CULT coffee roaster, “because caffeine is highly water soluble but it’s also temperature soluble as well.”

This means the hotter the water, the more caffeine is extracted from the bean.

“On our coffee brewing that we do here,” said Gozbekian. “We use 4 ounces of fresh ground coffee for hot for a half of a gallon. If we take the same 4 ounces and do a cold brew and dilute it with water or milk in the same way, it has just slightly less. It’s not a whole lot less, but a little bit less caffeine.”

However, some coffee places will have stronger cold brew and that’s because of how the coffee is produced. These places will steep the coffee beans for a long period of time and may add a higher coffee to water ratio for their formula.

Bottom line, ask the barista.