Millions of women across the country are going crazy over it because it’s so relatable.

Two women created a song about multi-level marketing and the pressure we get from our friends to buy products.

We all know the feeling -- you think a friend wants to catch up. Then you realize she’s trying to sell you a product or get you to sell products with her.

“We took something that we noticed and we thought it was funny and we exaggerated it and blew it out of proportion to make people laugh," Leeann said.

Leeann Dearing and Michelle Fortin put together a song about getting put in this position to the tune of “Something Just Like this” by Coldplay and the Chainsmokers.

They named it “If you’re my friend then you’ll buy this” and posted it on their Facebook page "Leeann and Michelle Think They're Funny."

“We predicted this video would have 25,000 views and we’re closing in on 2.5 million," Michelle said.

The ladies love and respect their friends in multi-level marketing. They even say it’s those businesswomen who are sharing their video the most.

“We thought about it a long time. We wanted to make sure it was funny and not offensive. We wanted people to understand it’s a problem with the pitch, not the people," Michelle said.

“They put it in their groups. They were laughing right along with us which was so exciting,” Leeann said.

Leeann and Michelle met at Bible study but also perform improv together. As the view count keeps climbing, the ladies have a new video in the works.

"It involves moms and a support group some therapy for moms," Michelle said.

Head to their Facebook page for their videos and improv performance dates.