If you didn't know, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is a hard and beautiful place to be in.

Every parent looks forward to bringing their baby home right after giving birth, but that's not always the case for all.

In fact, many babies end up coming back to the NICU afterwards for either surgeries or other health concerns.

But for little Hadley, her parents had a different kind of path.

According to a Facebook post by Phoenix Children's Hospital, parents Jacob and Dylan had taken their daughter Hadley to the hospital for surgery to help clear a GI blockage (she couldn't eat or digest).

Little Hadley also had hernia surgery and she also has an AV canal defect which, according to the post, will be surgically repaired in five or six months.

During Hadley's NICU stay, her father Jacob created a cute onesie which read, "Will you marry Daddy?"

In the NICU, Jacob got on one knee and Hadley's mother Dylan said yes.